Synod Staff Is Your Resource

Synod Executive

[IMAGE]Ruling Elder Elona Street-Stewart is the first Native American to serve as a synod executive in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). A longtime staff member of the synod, Elona had served as the synod's associate for racial ethnic ministries and community empowerment since 1994. Prior to serving in that capacity she had been deployed staff for administration of Dakota Presbytery. Issues of diversity and the special needs and challenges in racial/ethnic ministry are her specialty. Contact Elona at estreetstewart[at]

Leadership Development

[IMAGE]Teaching Elder Deb DeMeester, director of leadership development, began serving in the synod in February 2016. She provides the important staff support for Synod School, the popular week-long, midsummer ministry, and she also staffs the synod's numerous activities in leadership development. She has previously served as associate executive for leadership development for the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area, and directed a graduate leadership program at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn. Deb can be reached at ddemeester[at]

Financial Management

[IMAGE]Alex De Veyra, director of financial services, began serving the synod in February 2016. He brings accounting experience in both private industry and the non-profit sector. He maintains the synod's investments and oversees the synod's accounting and payroll services. He is available to answer questions related to accounting and financial management. Alex can be reached at adeveyra[at]

Communications/New Technology

[IMAGE]Ruling Elder Duane Sweep, director of communications, is available to help with media relations, crisis communications and internal organizational communications. He is also available to provide training in newswriting, media relations, public relations, social media, and print publication writing, design and production. He can be reached at dsweep[at] or by calling 651.357.1148.

Stated Clerk

[IMAGE]Teaching Elder Pam Prouty is the synod's stated clerk, and she can answer questions related to parliamentary procedure, recording keeping, judicial process, and why Presbyterians do things the way they do. Pam has brought 15 years of past and current experience as a stated clerk to the synod. She is a member of the National Association of Stated Clerks, and has served as a General Assembly committee parliamentarian for the 2012 and 2014 assemblies. She can be reached at pprouty[at]


Jim KoonJim Koon, a corporate and non-profit leader with a record of operational performance and community partnerships, begin serving as the synod's treasurer in January 2017. He serves on numerous local boards in the Twin Cities, including Westminster Counseling Center, and he chairs the Oak Grove Presbyterian Endowment. He currently is business administrator for Lake Harriet United Methodist Church of Minneapolis, and is founder and director of SafeNights Service Corp. of the Twin Cities, a non-profit introducing solutions for community-level programs to shelter displaced students. He can be reached at jkoon[at]

Other questions? Contact any of us and we will help -- or we will find someone in the office who can help, or identify other resources to get the information or help you need. Our office team works for you, and we all wear multiple hats. The synod staff listed above are supported by ...


Mary Kes is the synod's administrator for personnel and program. Mary can be reached at mkes[at]


Jackie Palmer is the synod's business manager. Jackie can be reached at jpalmer[at]