Per Capita and Mission
Here you will find the 2019 Per Capita and Mission form presbyteries can use as they communicate per capita goals and request per capita and mission pledges for 2019. The form is available as an MS Word document or as a PDF. The form can be tailored to your presbytery by e-mailing your presbytery's formula for mission pledges to Jim Koon at jkoon[at] or by calling 651.357.1144.

Payroll Services
The Synod of Lakes and Prairies provides payroll services to several presbyteries, churches and other church-related organizations. Questions regarding these services should be addressed to Jim Koon, director of financial services, at jkoon[at] or 651.357.1144, or Amy Hartman, financial services associate, at ahartman[at] or 651.357.1145..

Loan fund for presbyteries, churches
The Synod of Lakes and Prairies administers a $5.5 million loan fund in support of congregation capital and major renovation projects including down-payment assistance to relocating presbytery staff. Congregations are invited to contact the synod when it’s time to borrow for a new capital project. The synod relies on the loan application form of the Presbyterian Investment & Loan Program. The loan application can be found on PILP's website.  For additional information, contact Jim Koon, director of financial services for the synod, at jkoon[at] or 651.357.1144.