Synod School
July 26-31

What Shall We Tell Them?

“We will tell the coming generation the glorious deeds of God, and God’s might, and the wonders that God has done.”
Psalm 78:4

What does this look like when we can’t assume people know our language and history as a Church?

The changing context around us raises questions about how to be faithful in this time and age, in a world that is changing constantly. How do we talk about God? Where, when, why and how do we tell our stories? What stories do we tell?

Registration begins March 2, 2020. Catalogs will be mailed to to homes and churches in mid-February. In the meantime, please click the link below to view the catalog online.

COVID-19 Update: We are carefully monitoring recommendations from the Center for Disease Control regarding the coronavirus. We will make a decision in mid-June about whether or not to proceed with Synod School if pandemic recommendations for social distancing are still in place.  If Synod School is cancelled, all monies will be refunded.

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2020 Synod School Catalog

Promotional materials
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Key Program Leaders
• Adult Convocation: Mark Davis
• Youth Convocation: Bryce Wiebe
• Artist in Residence: Burns Stanfield
• Morning Worship: Mary Koon
• Evening Worship: Casey Wait
• Special Guest: Scott Weimer