Synod School
July 26-31

What Shall We Tell Them?

“We will tell the coming generation the glorious deeds of God, and God’s might, and the wonders that God has done.”
Psalm 78:4

Cancellation of on-site Synod School '20 

The Synod School Committee came to the difficult decision to cancel Synod School for 2020 as we know it due to the pandemic.

Recognizing that we cannot replicate the Synod School experience online, we are nevertheless offering what we believe will be a very fun and fulfilling Synod School in a virtual format the week of July 27.

Please click this link to learn more and register!  2020 Virtual Synod School.

Mark your calendars for July 25-30, 2021! We will be graced with the presence of Jill Duffield, editor of Presbyterian Outlook, as our convocation speaker and Samuel Son, manager of diversity and reconciliation at the Presbyterian Mission Agency, as our evening worship leader. Bryce Wiebe will return as the youth convocation speaker.

The Synod School Committee –
Mac Stanfield, Dean;
Dan Voigt, Associate Dean; and 
Pam Prouty, Paul Penn, Meredith Sauer, Marian Hart, Jim Bonewald, Dan Davis, Raymond Meester, Deb DeMeester, & Staff