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Sankofa Pilgrimage

You are invited to participate in a Sankofa* Pilgrimage

October 16-20, 2024, sponsored by the Synod of Lakes and Prairies.

The underlying power of Sankofa is that knowing our history and

heritage, we better know ourselves and the world around us.

We will visit sites of the Civil Rights Movement in Tennessee,

Mississippi, and Alabama, as well as sites which document

the history of slavery in the United States. Part of this pilgrimage

will be exploring the role of the Presbyterian Church and what we

can learn from the past to carry into the future.


  • The cost for participants will be $1,300.  This covers meals, snacks, hotels with double-occupancy, bus transportation from and back to Memphis, admission into all sites, and leadership.  There is an additional fee for single occupancy.

  • You will need to get yourself to Memphis by noon on October 16.  Flights home should be arranged after 5:00 on Sunday afternoon. We are working to arrange a place to park for those who wish to drive to Memphis.  If you wish to carpool, we will try to connect you with others from your area.

  • There will be opportunities for both reflection and conversation each day, including spiritual practices and opportunities to learn via videos and readings about the places which we will be seeing/experiencing. 

  • We will be an intentionally multi-racial group with multi-racial leadership.

  • You are welcome to bring a partner, friend, family member.

  • We have availability for 30 participants and will keep it open to pastoral leaders and members of congregations in the Synod until August 1.  If there is still space available, at that point we will open it up to others who may be interested in joining us.


A $300 deposit is required to reserve your spot.  Full payment due by October 1.

The act of pilgrimage, or journeying to a sacred place that has spiritual significance, is an age-old practice.  The opportunity that contemplative journeys provide to discover inner solace, purpose, clarity or redemption has propelled travelers to launch transformative voyages throughout the ages.

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*Sankofa is a word that comes from the Akan tribe in Ghana and it means: SAN (return), KO (go), FA (seek and take). “Go back and get it.” It is a quest to learn from the past in order to ensure a strong future. 

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