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The Synod of Lakes & Prairies exists to support and identify how to help the presbyteries and their churches achieve their mission. Some of the services provided to presbyteries include, but are not limited to

Bookkeeping Services

The Synod offers the management of monthly transaction processing, financial, and remittance reporting for presbyteries seeking a low-cost means of ensuring financial transparency and controls.


Payroll Services

The Synod offers payroll services, including tax depositing and reporting for presbyteries, churches, and camps seeking a low-cost means of providing semi-monthly payroll and benefits with online information access for their employees.



The Synod offers application assistance for churches seeking loans for capital improvements and significant projects through the Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program. For these loans, the Synod can offer compensating deposit balances to help churches qualify for discounts on these loans.



The Synod provides strategic guidance on investment allocation, as well as group pricing discounts for portfolio management services provided by the New Covenant Trust Company.

Reach out to learn more about any of these administration and finance services.

Jim Koon, Director of Financial Services


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