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Serving with Energy, Intelligence, Imagination & Love


The Synod of Lakes and Prairies partners with its presbyteries to attract, support and retain great leaders in the Upper Midwest.

These priorities for the next five years were approved in 2019 and sub-committees began to develop them in late fall 2019. 

Key aspects of this support will include:

Continuing Education opportunities within driving distance

Ongoing training on Congregational Health and Vitality

Coaches for individuals and for congregations.

A pool of people who are willing to be mentors for different aspects of ministry

Professional assessment services to better understand self and examine self of call

Ongoing training for Commissioned Pastors to deepen both skills and knowledge key to ministry.

Seminary Debt Relief


Continuing Education Opportunities

The next event within the bounds of the Synod of Lakes and Prairies that offers a wonderful opportunity to learn from some excellent instructors is Synod School, July 21-26, 2024, in Storm Lake, Iowa.

Synod School Catalog just to give you an idea of what a typical week is like.

Congregational Health Vitality Training Opportunities



The Synod has trained 19 certified coaches to support our strategic priority of coaching being available for pastoral leaders and congregations as a means of attracting, supporting and retaining great leaders in the Synod. The training is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), meaning participants who complete the four segments as well as 100 hours of coaching, will be eligible to apply to the ICF for official certification as a coach.

Why coaching? Many church leaders have found it helpful to work with someone on what they want and how to get there. Coaching is about asking good and helpful questions that help us listen to ourselves, become more effective, authentic or resilient as leaders and focus on that which gives us life.

How can I find a coach? A list of all coaches in training has been sent to presbytery executives and stated clerks. Each coach in training has agreed to set aside 3-5 hours for people in the Synod at a significantly reduced rate. If you would like assistance finding a coach to match your situation, please contact Deb DeMeester

Here is information submitted by the coaches in training for prospective clients to review in deciding who to contact as a possible coach:  Coaches who are available.

Mentors, Professional Assessments, and Commissioned Pastors Ongoing Training

If you have questions or are seeking information on one of there topics, please contact Deb DeMeester.

Finances for Ministers

Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation

Nebraska Presbyterian Foundation – Kessler Emergency Assistance Fund

Seminary Debt Relief

Minister Educational Debt Assistance – Board of Pensions

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