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Leadership is not for the faint of heart! The Presbyterian Church (USA) asks leaders to serve with energy, intelligence, imagination and love — essential tools for the task of leading in this complex age. This site, Engaging Leaders, aspires to offer tools and resources that reflect best practices, creative endeavors, and helpful resources for your leadership — whether you are a formal or informal leader in your setting, one who is or aspires to be an engaging leader or one who seeks to engage others in the wonderful adventures of leadership. Welcome!

The Synod of Lakes & Prairies places leadership development as a high priority. With a focus on the presbyteries, training programs are continually developed with national and regional staff to provide opportunities to grow and develop in faith and leadership. Programs include training for committee leaders, pastoral leaders, training for interim staff and pastoral leader who are serving during crisis as well as opportunities for support of all leaders.

Our goal is to partner with presbyteries to attract, support and retain high-quality leadership for their communities of faith, hope, love and service. The Synod of Lakes & Prairies does this by providing continuing education opportunities such as Synod School, a Synod-based coaching approach program, Synod-wide mentoring programs, and communication tool kits and resources.

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