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Presbyterian Women understands that scripture asks us to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world. As such, Presbyterian Women provides information about justice and peace and ministry to inform mission and community-building work.

Presbyterian Women in the Synod (PWS) builds community; affirms women’s calls to leadership and spiritual growth; and serves as a link between Presbyterian Women in the presbyteries and Presbyterian Women churchwide.

At the most basic level, every PWS group:

elects its own leadership – the coordinating team;

plans and implements a yearly program and determines its own budget;

participates in PW programming, such as PW/Horizons Bible study, mission, racial equity, justice and peace work.

Presbyterian Women Churchwide


Justice & Peace Book Discussion Group – open to folx churchwide.

Presbyterian Women in the Synod of Lakes and Prairies builds community and affirms

women’s calls to leadership and spiritual growth. We are active through out the synod demonstrating a commitment to our communities, regions, and to the PC(USA). Learn more about what we do by reading our newsletter, looking at our Facebook page, and clicking on the the links below.

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