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Boundary Training Videos

These videos have been created by the Synod of lakes and Prairies to assist Sessions with the new requirement in the Book of Order "boundary training which includes the topic of sexual misconduct, and child sexual abuse prevention training for its members at least every 36 months." G-3.0106

To help avoid streaming difficulties click on the Vimeo icon, stylized letter v in the lower right corner of each video. The video will open in Vimeo and may be downloaded from there. 

Documents available to download and use in boundary training and review or writing of policies.

The Accountability Document may be used for small group discussions or for those who watch the videos on their own. The goal is to critically think through the safety and policies in a given context.

If you are not part of the Synod of Lakes and Prairies, you are welcome to use these videos. We ask that you complete a brief form by clicking on this button.

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